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Health Corner

Welcome to the Health Corner

healthcornerchemistTake control of your health

Our equipment can be use in Hospitals,

Clinics, Pharmacies,  Shopping centres, Health clubs, Gym’s and thehcHeart
work place. For a few coins receive an accurate guide to your height
your weight your BMI (Body mass index) and blood pressure.
BMI is important for those who want to maintain a healthy weight.
Anxiety stress fatigue leads to high blood pressure, receive an accurate
measurement plus ticket with time and date for you or your physicians
records. Remember a regular check-up leads to a healthier you!


BWS-XB professional coin-operated people weighing scale
BWS-XB professional Body Weight Style XB has an attractive blu display, a new attractive ultrasonic height meter with red leds and a blue light on the top detector. It features a simplified birthdate input and prints up to 4 types of tickets that include the most popular features: BMI and ideal weight, daily biorhythm and horoscope, lucky numbers. The type of ticket is programmable by the operator. Ideal for shopping centers and pharmacies, this hi-tech looking scale is made of strong steel. It is equipped of a fast thermal printer and motorized cutter. It weighs from 5 to 200 Kg in steps of 100 g. Measures height from 100 to 200 cm in steps of 1 cm. NEW TIMER FEATURE: BWS-XB will switch on and off automatically at programmed hours, with a rest day. For example you can set it to switch-on at 08:00 and switch-off at 23:00 with sunday completely off. BWS-XB Scales Specifications:

  • Weighs up to 200Kg, precision 100g
  • Measure height up to 200 cm, accuracy 1cm
  • Blue graphic display, 240×128 pixels
  • Electronic coin.
  • Keyboard to enter the pharmacy header
  • Fast thermal printer with cutter motor, to avoid paper jams
  • BMI Calculation and printing receipt indicating weight status (underweight, overweight etc.) According to the WHO thresholds.

Dimensions in cm: 32cm(W)x62cm(D)x126cm(H) or 226cm with height meter Dimensions in Ft and In: 1´(W) x 2´1″(D) x 4´1″(H) or 7´2″ with height meter




ATP-XA coin-operated automatic blood pressure monitor ATP-XA is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor, to be used whenever people need to measure their blood pressure.

ATP-XA Easy instructions are provided on the touch-screen. The customer is guided through the process: inserting the arm in the cuff, that will wrap automatically, wait for the measurement to finish, collect the ticket with the blood pressure values. The Health Corner is a set that includes ATP-XA and BWS-XB scale. ATP-XB Pressure Gauge Specifications:

  • Oscillometric measurement system with algorithmic
  • Constant descent speed, microprocessor-controlled
  • Blue graphic display, 240×128 pixels
  • Electronic coin.
  • Print header pharmacy
  • Fast thermal printer with cutter motor, to avoid paper jams
  • Double insulation does not require a ground connection.

Studies and statistics confirm that weight influences blood pressure. In particular, BMI (body mass index) is directly proportional to the increase in blood pressure. According to World Health Organisation guidelines, Body Mass Index is calculated using height and weight. Based on this value the following classifications exist. Underweight, Normal range, overweight & obese. The BWS-XB scale calculates BMI values according to the thresholds set by the WHO printing the results upon completion. This information empowers the user to help control weight and monitor the progress of their diet. Complimentary to BMI is blood pressure. Knowing and controlling your blood pressure is important, doing so on an ongoing basis at regular intervals. There’s a growing underestimation of the importance of frequent measurements, including measurements with equipment not calibrated which can worsen conditions that can be difficult to resolve later. Even someone who is being treated with medication for hypertension has need ‘for frequent checking, just because these medicines reduce their effects over time, and it is important to notice as soon as possible. Healthcorner now has the ability to provide a professional and reliable service for the measurement of weight and blood pressure.